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Install Anaconda on your system Download Anaconda Refer Here Launch Anaconda Navigator Launch a Jupyter Notebook with R environment Create a folder for R-projects and create one sample folder with the Diabetics Dataset shown below Now Create an R Notebook Kaggle Datasets Login into kaggle Refer Here Dowload the following Dataset Pima Indians Diabetics Dataset […]

Identity Service in Micro Services Lets create a new project for Identity Services Refer Here for the first commit and Refer Here for the repository To create the identity service we will be using Django oidc provider Refer Here Refer Here for the installation steps of the oidc provider Refer Here for the changes done […]

Data Science This is a domain where we work with data to generate some form of value (Meaningful insights, predictions etc..) We use scientific techniques to extract this value For Data Science Project we need Data Collecting Data: Build Systems for data intake (Webpages/ Surveys) Scraping the internet From different existing databases Organizing Data: Data […]

Identity in our microservices application As of now we have built two microservices catalog service basket service We need to add some more services Order Service Payment Service We need to build an Web Application which will internally access these microservices and we can also extend this to a mobile app. We need a service […]

Inventory application contd The work done so far What we want to acheive? We want a generic save method which will save the object to the csv file as a csv record We want to create a generic method to read the records from csv file as objects Refer Here for generic save implmentation Refer […]

Stringr Continued Refer Here for the changes done where we used replace and split methods of string Factors with forcats In R, factors are used to work with categorical variables. Prereq’s library(tidyverse) install.packages(forcats) library(forcats) sorting ordinal categorical variables Parsing vectors into factors in the case of invalid values For the next set of examples lets […]

Lets Create Basket API This basket api will be a shopping cart where you will be adding items The BasketAPI will be the projects name and lets create it using Django Rest Framework, Backend databases can be postgres/mysql The following will be the Models BasketItem Id ProductId ProductName UnitPrice Quantity DiscountAmount EffectivePrice CustomerBasket BuyerId list[BasketItems] […]

Filtering Joins Filtering Joins match observations in the same way as mutating joins, but affect the observations, not the variables. There are two types: semi_join(x,y): Keeps all observations in x that have a match in y anti_join(x,y): drops all observations in x that have a match in y Lets find top 10 destination in flights […]

Understanding the who dataset The who dataset First three letters of the each columen denote whether the column contains new or old cases of TB The next two letters describe type of TB rel => relapse ep => extrapulmonary TB sn => Pulmonary TB diagnosed by a pulmonary smear (smear negative) sp => Pulmonary TB […]