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Panda Series Object Series is one-dimensional labeled array for homogenous data. Value counts Create a data frame with city, population and state, country, as column names and insert some data into the city_data

Pandas contd… Pandas can import various file types like excel or csv etc By default Pandas will add an index_col We can point out any column while reading the data as index_col Manipulate Data Frame Lets assign the Dataframe to a variable and perform some basic operations We can extract a series from a Data […]

ufunc Creating own ufunc To create own ufunc, we need to define a function just like normal functions in python and add it to the Numpy ufunc library from the frompyfunc() method This frompyfunc() method takes the following arguments function – name of the function the numper of input argument (array) the number of output […]

Numpy Contd… The method searchsorted() performs binary search in the array and returns the index where the specified value would be inserted to maintain search order The searchsorted() method is assumed to be used on sorted arrays Sorting Arrays Filtering arrays Randoms Numbers with Numpy Generating random numbers Random Distribution This is set of random […]

Reshaping Arrays (contd) We can give one unknown dimesion which is depicted as -1 in the reshape Flatten arrays Iterate 1-D array Iterating a 2-D array Exercise: Try iterating a 3-D array Iterating arrays ung nditer Iterating array with data types Iterating with different step size Joining Arrays with Numpy Searching arrays

Quick Refresher Numpy This is a python library used for working with arrays Numpy arrays are upto 50x faster than traditional lists The array object in the Numpy is called ndarray In Numpy array all the items should be of same type, In datascience and machine learning, we would use numeric datatypes In anaconda, numpy […]

Tips for learning programming languages Never start at datatypes without understanding what a data type is? Importance of OS and Process Compilers or Interpreters Understanding how to write programs => Its like speaking with kid (Apoorva) The Best way to learn is to start speaking with apoorva and getting the things done Simple Problems Area […]

To Perform Machine Learning Having knowledge of Statistics Distributions Classifications Regressions Understanding the RAW DATA Knowledge of existing python libraries & when to use what Data cleaning Adding new features Making data good/suitable for the machine learning algorithms Choosing the right algorithm Maintaining the model Calling the Model from existing Application Additional Skills Image Processing […]

Scripting for API Testing in Postman Consider the following response { "name": "Luke Skywalker", "height": "172", "mass": "77", "hair_color": "blond", "skin_color": "fair", "eye_color": "blue", "birth_year": "19BBY", "gender": "male", "homeworld": "", "films": [ "", "", "", "" ], "species": [], "vehicles": [ "", "" ], "starships": [ "", "" ], "created": "2014-12-09T13:50:51.644000Z", "edited": "2014-12-20T21:17:56.891000Z", "url": "" […]