Python Classroom Series – 20/Feb/2020

Purpose: Getting Better at speaking with Program

Problem: Find the sum of all even numbers below 20

  • Try writing the language to be spoken with program
  • manual:
  • What does program (Snake) knows

    • How to allocate memory
    • It know + – * / % < > <= => ==
    • One memory location for index
    • One memory location for result
    • One memory location for maxValue
  • Language: Hi Snake , remember 1 and call it as index remember 0 and call it as result remember 20 and call it as maxValue

    Import Location:: check if index%2 == 0 if yes add index to result now increment index (index = index +1) if index <= max Goto Import Location:: display result

Problem : Try to find number of letters which are repeated more than one and its count in the following Text

Hello World o/p: l = 3 o = 2

knows about : length  []

  • Solution:
Hi snake, remember Hello World and call it as message

start with index = 0 till index < length(message)
get message[0] and store it in temp 
compare it with all the other locations and maintain count
if count is zero ignore and continue scanning
else  print  letter = count 

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