Python Classroom Series – 21/Feb/2020

Need for Datatypes

  • To allocate memory on RAM, we need to specify size
  • Example:
* i need 4 bytes
* call that 4 bytes as number
  • Solution: Datatype
  • Depending on the type of data which you are storing in RAM, compiler/interpreter requests for specific size
int i;
  • Some of the Data types are immutable, when ever value of the variable is changed, it leads to creation of new memory locations.

Memory Leak

  • Applications/Programs generally allocate memory for execution.
  • Memory Leak is situation where your app/program is allocating the memory but not freeing it up.
  • Consequence of the memory leak is application will be crashed at some point.
  • Memory Leaks can be idenfied by using memory profiling tools.

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