Python Classroom Series – 24/02/2020

Installing Python on Windows

Installing Python on Mac

Installing Python On Ubuntu

Installing Python On Centos7

Getting Started With Python

  • Executing Python has two ways
    • Python Shell
    • Python Source Code

Python Shell

  • Open any terminal (Powershell/cmd for windows, Terminal for linux or mac)
  • Execute python on the terminal to open python shell
  • In this python Reads, Evaluates, Prints and Loops (REPL)
  • Loop is continued till you type exit()

Python Source Code

  • Any python source code is a simple text file which ends with .py extension

How Python Executes Code

Python Execution Variants

  • CPython => Uses C Language to Perform Conversions
  • Jython => Uses Java to Perform Conversions
  • IronPython => Uses .net to Perform Conversion
  • PyPy => User CPython and has performance improvements

Python Standard Library

  • Python is installed along with Standard Libary.
  • Rich set of Utilities already available

Python Packages (Pypi or pip )

  • Lots of reusable python libraries are developed by community
  • Popular packages are
    • numpy
    • Pandas
    • Aws boto3
    • Azure Python SDK
    • Ansible
    • Django
    • Flask
    • SQL Alchemy

Zen of Python

  • Open Python Shell and execute
import this

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