Python Classroom Series – 14/Jul/2020

Why Programming?

  • In majority of cases we do programming to get paid.
  • Organizations might need
    • Some applications
    • Automate some of the manual work
  • Building apps/games etc..

What happens when you run applications


How do i build applications

  • Speak/write to Processor directly
    • Processor understands 0’s or 1’s
  • Speak/Write the language that is easy for humans to understand
    • Assembly languages
    • High Level Languages
  • With High Level Languages, we need some one to transform instructions
    • Compiler
    • Interpreter
  • These High Level Languages are also referred as Programming Languages, Some of Popular Programming languages are
    • Bash: It is automating command line tasks on linux/unix
    • C: As a general purpose language
    • C++
    • Java
    • C#
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • Objective-c
    • Swift
    • JavaScript

Getting to Know Your Computer

  • Computer is stupid.
    • Computer follows instructions, if your instructions are good enough, you can even play chess
  • Computers seem to be intelligent depending on instructions which we pass (applications).

How Programs work

  • Programs work as shown below Preview
  • To store results in ram we generally use some thing as variables
  • To tell how much of memory should i reserve on RAM we use datatypes.

How to be effective in Writing Programs

  1. Don’t directly write programs
  2. Lets introduce a character ‘Snake’ or ‘Kid’, to which we will communicate our intentions
    • ‘Snake’ or ‘Kid’ knows how to reserve memory in RAM
    • ‘Snake’ or ‘Kid’ knows how to add, subtract, divide, multiplicate
  3. We would try to speak with ‘Snake’ or ‘Kid’ to get our logics implemented

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