Python Classroom Series – 21/Jul/2020

Python Interpreter

  • Python Interpreter executes the python programs.
  • When you install python on your system, interpreter is also part of installation
  • Python interpreter will read your program & execute
  • Lets create a simple program called as
print("hello python")
  • Open terminal on your system (Powershell) Preview
  • To understand how this program executed lets look at two view

Programmer’s view

  • Our program consists of print statement, Now interpreter will find where the print is defined and execute it
  • When we run our programs it appears as if python is interpreting Preview

Pythons view

  • Program is read and then compiled to bytecode, this bytecode is executed by python interpretor Preview

Bytecode compilation

  • bytecode of your programs end with .pyc extension.
  • When will it will
    • Source code changes
    • Change in the modules
  • Python bytecode is executed by Python Virtual Machine (PVM) Preview

Python Implementations

  • Python is a open source and Python has various implementations
  • Lets look at 4 popular implemenation which are production ready
    • CPython
    • Jython
    • IronPython
    • PyPy
  • These implemenatios deal with how to generate byte code & how to run PVM. As a developer your code for python will not change per implemenations


  • Referred as Classic Python & it most up-to-date & widely used flavor of python.
  • CPython is a compiler, interpreter & set of built-in and options extensions & all of this is implemented in Language C


  • Jython is Python implementation for any Java Virtual Machine
  • Python code gets converted into Java Byte code & then is executed using JDK


  • IronPython is Python implementation for any .net framework
  • Python code gets converted into MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) & gets executed using .net framework


  • The subset of Python is coded in Python iteself.

Other Implementations

  • PYJION: Opensource project from Microsoft whose primary goad is to add API to CPython
  • Anaconda & miniconda: This is Python distribution from Continuum Analytics. Along with Python standard library Anaconda adds some interesting libraries. They have a packaging technolongy called conda.
  • NUTIKA: Converts your python code into C++
  • GRUMPY: Converts Python Code in to Go


  • In this course we will be using Standard Python(CPython)

Python Development & Versions

Installing Python

  • Windows: Download installer from here & install.
  • Mac: Install homebrew & use homebrew to install python
  • Linux:
    Download tar file
    untar the file 
    add the folder to the path

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