Python Classroom Series – 28/Jul/2020

Numeric intelligence of python (Contd..)

  • Try to remember our character Preview


  • For comparisions python3 has following operators < > <= >= == !=
  • Our python3 does know two kinds of comparisions
    • Normal Preview
    • Chained: Interesting our python3 allows us to chain multiple comparision Preview

Integer Precisions

  • Python 3 supports integers of unlimited size Preview


  • What is value of 0.1+0.1+0.1-0.3 for us its zero but how about python3 Preview
  • I can solve this and show the result as zero if you use fixed point numbers using Decimal Preview Preview

Some other built-in Numeric Tools (Super powers)

  • math Preview
  • random Preview

Lets use our python3 to build a number guessing game

  • We will tell python3 to remember some number randomly
  • Now we will ask user to enter inputs
    • if the value entered by user is less than number remeber give hints to the user
Do you want a play a number guessing game?
Let me memorize a value between 1 to 100. Done
Start guessing
You are close, guess little bit higher
You are too much far away, guess smaller number
Great, you are wonderful at guess, play poker/rummy today

Fun with python3

  • We are observing strange behavior from python3 Preview
  • Is the behavior strange or our understanding of python3 w.r.t lists should be changed, Lets discuss this in our next session

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