Python Classroom Series – 31/Jul/2020

Repetitive Statements

  • When we are assigned home work from our teacher will she say something like write number from 1 to 100 or will she write all the numbers Preview Preview
  • Lets look at our code
  • Now if we want to get the same thing done from our python3, we need to understand looping structures. Lets look at while
  • in the above code only number is changing, so if we make number dynamic rather than static will it help?
while <condition>:
  • Lets adopt this to our above program
index = 1
while index <= 10:
    index = index + 1

Write a program to print all the even numbers from 1 to 100

  • Lets speak with Jarvis
Hi jarvis
start from 1 till 100 and remember this as index
check if index%2 == 0 and if it is yes print index
  • Now our python program will be something like
index = int(input("Enter the starting number :"))
end = int(input("Enter the ending number :"))
while index <= end:
    if index%2 == 0:
    index = index + 1

Write a program to calculate factors of a number given by user

  • Lets speak with Jarvis
Hi Jarvis,
Accept input from user and remember as number
start from 2 till number-1 and remember as index
   check if number is divisible by index , if yes print index

Exercise: Write a python programs

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