Python Classroom Series – 11/Aug/2020

Unified Modeling Language

  • In UML we have two basic kinds of Modeling
    • Structural Modeling
    • Behavioral Modeling
  • Structural Modeling: It represents the framework for the system & it captures static features of design. The following are popular diagrams
    • Class diagrams
    • Object diagrams
    • Deployment diagrams
    • Package Diagrams
    • Component diagrams
  • Behavioral Modeling: It captures interactions in the system. The following diagrams are part of behavioral modeling
    • Activity diagram
    • Interaction diagram
    • Use case diagram

Class Diagram

  • Class Notation Preview
  • Class Diagram for library Preview


  • Create a diagram as shown above for the following problem statement
  • A Bank has savings account, fixed deposit account, recurring deposit account and loan accounts
  • Bank Manager/Accountant would like to search with account number using AccountConsole
  • Customers should be able to see account balance, last transactions
  • Also represent Transactions in the diagram.
  • Lets try to come up with class diagram Preview

UseCase Diagram

  • This is used to capture the dynamic aspects of system.
  • Use cases have
    • Actors
  • Usecases represent high level activities
  • Lets draw a use case diagram for Bank Atm, we have 3 types of users
    1. Customer: Uses atm for
      • Checking balances
      • Deposit funds
      • Withdraws funds
    2. Cashier
      • Deposit amount into ATM
    3. Admin/Technician:
      • Maintenance
      • Repair Preview

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