Python Classroom Series – 25/Aug/2020


  • This is most popular IDE for python language.

  • This has best of the class features such as

    • Code completion and inspection
    • Advanced debugging
    • Supports for web programming & Frameworks such as Django, Flask and many more.
  • Pycharm has the following flavors

    • Community
    • Professional (Paid)
  • Initially we will be using the Community Edition of PyCharm. Refer Here for Download links

  • PyCharm can be installed on Windows, MAC & Linux

  • Download PyCharm Community Edition & install as per installation instructions

  • Lets start PyCharm and setup one time settings Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • This is Starting Screen of PyCharm Preview

  • Lets create a new project using PyCharm Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Create a New python file for implementing a class called as Number and create a simple is_even method

  • PyCharm starts hinting you Preview Preview Preview

  • Now add docstring to the Number class Preview

  • KeyMaps Preview Preview

  • Finding Shortcuts: Preview Preview

  • PyCharm Navigation Preview

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