Python Classroom Series – 03/Sept/2020

New Style for formatting strings

  • New Style of formatting strings has the following form


Newest style: f-string

  • f-strings are referred as format strings Preview

  • Python has two other sequence types in addition to string tuples and lists.


  • Tuple is sequence of objects
  • Empty tuple, single element & multi-element example tuple declarations Preview
  • Tuple unpacking Preview
  • Tuple class definitions Refer Here
  • Creating with tuple() and accessing elements using indexes Preview
  • Combine tuples using +, duplicating tuples with * and comparing tuples with == Preview
  • Iterating tuples
def tuple_simple_loop():
    This function demonstrates the simple tuple iterations
    words = ('running', 'out', 'of', 'ideas')
    for word in words:



  • Lists are sequence of objects which are mutable
  • Creating with [] Preview
  • Using list() Preview
  • Other List Operations Preview Preview Preview

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