Python Classroom Series – 10/May/2021


  • Layers of Compute Preview
  • How Computer Programs work Preview
  • Types of Applications
    • Standalone applications:
      • This is a program that can work offline and it doesn’t require a network connection.
    • Client-Server application:
      • Client-Server is a model we can use to create applications that can run on more than one machine Preview
    • Web applications:
      • A web application is a special form of client-server application where we have client that interacts with a user in the form of webpage Preview
    • Modern web applications Preview
    • ML Models
  • Computers are dumb.
    • We need to tell computers how to accomplish some task Preview

Installing necessary Software’s on your Laptop

  • Windows 10:
    • Installing chocolatey: Refer Here
    • Install Python
    choco install python -y
    choco install git -y
    choco install vscode -y
  • Mac:
  • Linux (Ubuntu):
    • Install git sudo apt install git -y
    • Install python sudo apt install python3
    • Visual studio code Refer Here
  • Create accounts

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