Python Classroom Series – 11/May/2021

How Computer programs work

  • Overview of Process Preview
  • To build an application which does some activity we write programs
    • We can write programs which operating system understands and also understandable by humans
    • This is exactly what programming languages do. Examples are
      • C
      • C++
      • C#
      • Java
      • JavaScript
      • Python
      • Ruby
      • Swift
      • GO
  • We need some Software’s which convert the programming language into something which your OS understands
    • Compiler: To understand compiling lets look at following example
      • Dubbing is done to make a release of Avengers in Hindi Preview
      • Movie is dubbed b4 release
      • Does the Movie run time increase in Hindi?
      • Compiler also converts the programming language code into some format understandable by OS before the application/program is run
      • Since the conversion is already done application will run on OS directly without taking extra time. Preview
    • Interpreter
      • PM has visited Vijayawada and is addressing crowd
      • A Translator will be arranged during the meeting to do translation into Telugu
      • When is Translation done? during the meeting
      • Since translation is happening during speech, it takes a longer time
      • Interpreter converts programming language into some format when the application/program is running
      • Interpreter based applications might be little bit slower during initial runs. Preview
    • Compiler + Interpreter: Preview

How to think programmatically

  • Lets use this character Jarvis as a reference to Program Preview
  • Jarvis is someone whom we use to understand the programming
  • Jarvis is dumb and he is extremely good at following instructions. Jarvis knows about
  • how to allocate the memory on the RAM
  • how to do mathematical operations like + - * / // %
  • Lets understand
  • //: integer division
  • % Preview
  • Consider speaking to Jarvis as speaking to a kid who knows only few things
  • Whole idea is how to solve problems by taking help from Jarvis

Solve Some Problems by taking help from Jarvis

Problem 1: Find whether the number is even or odd

  • Lets start speaking with Jarvis
Hi Jarvis, Can you help me out
Remember(Store in RAM) input provided by user as input
calculate input%2 and remember as remainder
if remainder is equal to zero say input is even
else say input is odd

Problem 2: Find whether the year entered is leap year or not

  • Lets speak with Jarvis
Hi Jarvis, Can you help me out
Remember input provided as input
calculate input%4 and remember as modulus4
if modulus4 is equal to zero 
   calculate input%100 and remember as modulus100
   if modulus100 is equal to zero
     calculate input%400 and remember as modulus400
     if modulus400 is equal to zero say input is leap year
     else input is not a leap year
     say input is leapyear
  say input is not a leap year

Web Applications

  • Basic Web Application Workflow Preview
  • At this moment we have some functionality running on browsers and some functionality running of Facebook server
  • Facebook Server => will implement core functionalities of Facebook
  • On the Browser => Functionality with respect to user interactions will be made available
  • Browser can run HTML,CSS,JavaScript
    • Modern Web applications have as much code in frontend as in backend
      • Java Script Frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue Js,
  • Where as Servers can be implemented in multiple Languages or frameworks
    • DotNet =>
    • Java => Spring Boot, JSP
    • Python => Django
    • Ruby => Ruby On Rails
    • JavaScript => Node JS

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