Python Classroom Series – 15/May/2021

How the programs are executed

  • Interpreter/Compiler will read the program and execute it statement by statement
  • Lets look at the following section
1. Take input
2. check if the input is even
3. print input is even
4. print input is odd
  • If we consider the above statements
    • for even number 1,2,3 lines/statement should be executed
    • for odd number 1,2,4 should be executed
  • To solve this in programming languages we have conditional statements which help in selecting the lines/statements valid for the input provided
1. Take input
2. if input is even
3. then print input is even
4. else print input is odd
  • Lets look of following section
1. Take input from user (date)
2. if date is b/w march and june 
3. print summer
4. else if date is b/w july and october
5. print rainy
6. else 
7. print winter
  • Looping constructs:

    • Lets assume we need to solve Print all the even numbers from 10 to 100
    • not a solution:
    print 10
    print 12
    print 14
    print 16
    • solution:
    index = 10
    repeat till index <= 100
      if index is even
        print index
      index = index + 1
  • Is palindrome for Jarvis

Hi Jarvis remember the steps
Take input from user and call it a number
Jarvis can you find reverse of number and remember as reverse
if reverse is equal to number
   say palindrome
   say not a palindrome
  • A Brute force approach:
Hi Jarvis Help me out
first = 100
second = 100
max_value = 999
max_palindrome = 0
repeat till first <= max_value
  repeat till second <= max_value
    number = first * second
    Jarvis check if the number is palindrome
    if palindrome and number > max_palindrome
      max_palindrome = number

Project Euler problem 5

  • Refer Here
  • The number should be divisible by all the numbers from 1 to 20
  • Solution
Hi Jarvis,
max_factor = 1*2*3*4......20
repeat from 20 till max_factor
   is_divisible_by_all = True
   repeat index from 1 till 20:
     if number is not divisible index
   increment number by 20

Exercise: Project Euler Problem 6

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