Python Classroom Series – 19/May/2021


  • I need a calculator which helps in choosing where to invest
    • Fixed Deposits
    • Mutual Funds
  • To this calculator I will be providing principal amount and number of years of investment
  • Possible Solutions
    • Calculate manually every time using pen & paper
    • Build a Calculator application
  • How to Solve this
    • Know the Calculations
  • Calculations: Preview
  • To solve this program we need to have some memory from RAM and processing time from CPU
principal = 500000
fd_rate_of_intrest = 5.5
mf_rate_of_intrest = 7.5
period_in_years = 2
fd_after_period = principal * (1+ fd_rate_of_intrest/100)** period_in_years
mf_after_period = principal * (1+ mf_rate_of_intrest/100)** period_in_years

print(f"FD after {period_in_years} years is {fd_after_period}")
print(f"MF after {period_in_years} years is {mf_after_period}")
  • To install python Refer Here Preview Preview

  • Mac users install homebrew Refer Here

  • Install Git and Visual Studio Code:

    • Mac:
      brew install git 
      brew install --cask visual-studio-code
    • Windows:
    choco install git -y  
    choco install vscode -y
  • Open interactive Python (REPL) Preview

Data: Types, Values, Variables and Names

  • Lets examine by execute the following in interactive python Preview
  • When we need a location in memory we can directly assign values to variable Preview
  • A python program is given access to some of your computers memory by operating system. This memory is used for the code of the program and the data it uses.
  • In python memory is basically an object which consists of following information
    • A type that defines what it can do
    • A unique id to distinguish from other objects
    • A value consistent with type
    • A reference count that tracks how often this object Preview

Next Steps

  1. Data Types
  2. Mutability
  3. Variables & Best practices for variable names
  4. Numbers

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