Python Classroom Series – 09/Jun/2021

Objects and Classes

  • Some Examples of Objects:
    • Printer
    • Table
    • Car
    • Pen
    • Computer
  • What can be an object:
    • Any thing that can be object which has
      • Characteristics => What this object does
      • Contents/Attributes => What it has
    • Printer
      • Characteristic => Print, Switch On/Off, Connect to a network
      • Contents/Attributes => Ink, Paper, Machine, Power Supply
    • Car
      • Characteristics => Commute, Start, Stop
      • Contents/Attributes => Colour, Make, Tyres, Engine,
  • An object is a data structure that contains data (attributes) and methods (Characteristics)
  • A class is a specification of object. Objects are created from classes.
  • In python everything is an object
  • Lets try to create some Classes
  • In Python Class Names should follow Pascal Case
  • Refer Here for the sample Printer class skeleton

Lets Design Classes For Movie Ticketing Platform

  • The following will be classes
    • Movie: This class will have necessary information to contain a Movie
    • Theatre: This class will have necessary information to contain a Theatre
    • Screen: This class will represent the screen in the theatre
    • Seat: This class represents the seat for sale
    • User: This class will represent a User booking movie tickets
    • Ticket: This class represents a ticket given to the user

Lets Design Classes for Super Market POS (Point of Sale)

  • The following will be classes
    • Product: This class represents product for sale
    • Customer:
    • Employee:
    • Bill
    • Feedback
    • Inventory
    • Branch:

Lets Design Classes for the Library Management System

  • The following will be the Classes

    • Book:
    • Librarian:
    • Student:
    • Register:
    • Magazines:
    • E-Book:
    • NewsPaper:
    • Faculty:
    • Inventory:
    • LibraryCard:
  • Given the Business problem, we can list some of the classes.

  • Classes may have relationship b/w them

  • Each class will have

    • Characteristic/Behaviour/Method
    • Attribute/Data
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