Python Classroom Series – 19/Jun/2021

Object Oriented Python

  • Everything in python is object which is instance of some class
  • Lets define a class
class Student:
  • Now to create an object which is also referred as instantiation
student = Student()
  • Refer Here for the Jupyter notebook added

  • We might want to create classes which have attributes and behaviour

    • We need to understand two important terminologies
      • Class
      • Object
    • When we define the attributes in python classes we can define the attributes at
      • Class attribute
      • object attributes or instance attribute
    • When we define methods in python we have
      • class methods
      • object methods (instance methods)
  • Class level attributes: Attributes at class level and are common across all the objects of the class

  • Instance level attributes

  • Initialization:

    • If we want to assign object attributes at creation time, we need to use python’s special methods __init__
    • Refer Here for the creation of instance attributes
  • Exercise: Create a car class and create two object ‘MarutiSwift’ and ‘Hyundai Creta’

  • Write print statement which prints the attribute with its memory location

  • Refer Here for the solution

  • Lets Try to Create a classes for Movies Ratings

    • classes: Movie
    • Rating:
    • Review
  • Refer Here for the class structures created

  • Exercise: Using the Classes defined try to create an object representation for the Avengers movie Refer Here

  • Refer Here for the implementation

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