Python Classroom Series – 24/Jun/2021

Modules and Packages

  • A module is a file of any python code. We need not do any thing special, Every python file is considered as module (name with .py)
  • Refer Here for the sample usage of the python module
  • Now when we write python code in .py files there are two usage
    • directly execute the python code python
    • importing the python code into other modules
    import <module>
  • Refer Here for the implementation __name__ to differentiate module execution vs import
  • Refer Here for importing module using from
  • Importing a module with other name
import options as o
from numbers import factors

hotel = o.pick_a_hotel()
print(f"Lets go to {hotel}")
  • Imported options module as o and called the pick_a_hotel method


  • Create a new directory ‘numerical’ and Create following python modules

    • query: In this module create functions
      • is_prime
      • is_even
    • operations: In this module implement the following functions
      • factors
      • factorial
    • monetary: In this module implement the following functions
      • simple_interest
      • compound_interest
  • Refer Here for the implementation

Module Search Path

  • Python looks under current directory for resolving modules
>>> import sys
>>> for place in sys.path:
...     print(place)
  • The initial empty string represents the current directory ![Preview]


  • Module
  • Package

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