Python Classroom Series – 30/Jun/2021

Constructs of Programming

  • We need computer applications to solve day to day problems in various domains like Banking, Retail, Insurance, Health Care……..
  • To Solve the problems using applications,
    • CPU is used to execute our program/application/code
    • RAM is used to allocate the memory for our application needs
    • To enable storage (persistence) we will be using files/databases which internally use disk.
  • Since we run our applications on some OS they look as shown below Preview


  • Lets me introduce to Jarvis Preview
  • Jarvis knows the following
    • allocate memory location
    • perform mathematical operations like + – * /
  • Now lets get jarvis to add two numbers Preview
Hi Jarvis,
Allocate memory for 10 
Allocate memory for 20
Add the values in above two memory locations and show the result
  • Now lets get Jarvis to calculate simple interest
Hi Jarvis,
Allocate memory for prinicipal 
Allocate memory for time
Allocate memory for rate of intrest
Calculate principal * time * rate /100 and show result

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