Python Classroom Series – 13/Jul/2021


  • Create a new folder called as khaja_inventory Preview

  • Create a library function/classes in the inventory so that we can build different user interfaces for it Preview

  • When we write applications in Python we should know

    • How to version control python code?
    • How to Package the python application and distribute the application?
    • How to test whether your code is working correctly or not?
  • In python in addition to standard library there are lot of opensource code libraries which we can use in our code. We should know how to manage them.

  • Organizing larger programs in Python

  • Understanding virtual environments in Python

  • Creating unit tests for testing code and generating reports


  • From now on we will be creating python projects

    • which are similar to real world applications.
    • which are testable.
    • which are version controlled.
  • Sample Structure of the Python program Refer Here

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