Python (Django) Classroom Series – 03/Aug/2021

What is Web Server

  • The term webserver refers to a server that stores web server software and websites files. Preview
  • To publish a website (static website or dynamic website) we need a web server
  • Dynamic web sites needs to process data and they generally some kind of business logic
  • In Static Websites, we have
    • Plain HTML
    • JavaScript
    • CSS
  • For Dynamic Websites in addition to HTML, JavaScript and CSS we need business logic to be evaluated & For this we need some kind of programming.
  • When we speak about web servers, some of the popular webservers are
    • Apache
    • Nginx
    • IIS


  • Simon, Adrian and Jacob Kaplan Moss have refactored the common modules and tools into some thing called THE CMS & Eventually the content management system parts were spun off into a seperate project Ellington CMS
  • By July 2005, this web development framework was released as Django(prouneced Jang-Oh) after lengendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhart
  • 5000 feet overview of How Django Works Preview
  • Steps:
    • Browser sends the request
    • Webserver recieves the requst and hands over the request to WSGI server
    • WSGI can run python applications. The request with necessary information (environ) and optionally passes through layers of middleware and ultimately will reach your django application
    • URL configuration selects a view to handle the request
    • The view might do the following
      • Talk to the database or any external API
      • Renders the HTML
      • Returns the respons
      • Raise an error
    • The HttpResponse created will leave the Django application to WebServer and reach browser to render the WebPage

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