Python (Django) Classroom Series – 04/Aug/2021

Dev Environment Setup

  • Git:
    • Windows: Refer Here
    • Mac:
      • if you install xcode you will get git
      • install homebrew Refer Here
      • using homebrew to install git brew install git
  • To Develop Django based web applications we can use any text editor.
  • In this series we will be using an editor called as PyCharm
  • Latest Version of Python has to be installed on your system
  • Refer Here for downloading pycharm Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Lets create a new project using PyCharm Preview Preview

Installing Django

  • To install django Refer Here
  • Open Terminal and execute pip install django
  • Creating a sample django-project django-admin startproject hello_django Preview
  • Now cd into the hello-django cd hello_django
  • To run the project which you have created python runserver Preview Preview
  • Note: some users of mac
pip3 install django
python3 runserver

Note: Go through basic html and elements such as form, select, checkbox and button Refer Here

Next Steps:

  • Lets try to build a simple password generator using django

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