Python (Django) Classroom Series – 06/Aug/2021

Creating a Password Generator Website

  • To work with this project we will be creating

    • a django project
    • virtual environment where we can have only Password generator related depencies
    django-admin startproject password_generator
    cd password_generator
    python -m venv venv
    # mac users use the below command
    #python3 -m venv venv
    • Activate the virtual environment
    • Install django
    pip install django
    # mac user
    pip3 install django
    • To represent your dependencies in a requirements.txt file
    pip freeze > requirements.txt
    # mac users
    pip3 freeze > requirements.txt
  • Open this folder in Pycharm and configure the venv python interpreter. for steps refer class video

  • Django project represents the whole web application which we are trying to build. In this web application we can add multiple apps.

  • Generally each app represents some functionality of your web application

  • In terms of Python Each application is a Python package

  • Now for creating password generator logic lets create an app called as generator

  • Refer Here for the code added

  • Refer Here for the changes added in application

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