Python Django 08/Aug/2021


  • The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. It’s a tagline that aptly describes the Django framework (it’s around for over 10 years now)
  • Django is an opensource webframework with active community Refer Here
  • Other frameworks such as Flask and Pylons which require manually installing third-party frameworks for database connections or template rendering.
  • Django has built in support for database querying, URL mapping and template rendering
  • Most popular websites on django
    • Disqus Refer Here
    • Instagram
    • Mozilla
    • Pintrest
    • Open Stack
    • National Geographic
  • Bare minimum deployment of django Application Preview
  • Whe speaking about web frameworks, we might also need to use any of the frontend JavaScript frameworks to enhance or add interactivity to the already generate web pages
    • ReactJs
    • Angular
    • Vue

What makes a succesful django developer ?

  • Frontend:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • Frontend JavaScript Frameworks
      • React Js
  • Backend:
    • Relational Databases:
      • mysql
      • postgres
      • oracle
      • sql server
    • NO SQL Databases
      • Mongo db
      • Cassandra
      • GraphQL
    • Cache Database
      • Redis
  • Django Middleware:
    • MVT
    • Django apps & framework
    • Templating
    • Effective with Python
  • Django Testing
  • Version Control Systems: Git
  • IDE: PyCharm

Next Steps Ahead

  1. Git For Developers
  2. HTML, CSS and Java Script
  3. Django (3 web applications)
  4. React JS
  5. Relational, NoSQL, Cache
  6. Testing
  7. PyCharm

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