Django Classroom Notes 10/08/2021

Git For Developers

  • As a developer

    • when we work on code with in a team, we need to share the code with team members.
    • We often make mistakes in the code which will halt the system or introduce the new defects, in these cases we might want to revert (remove ) our code
  • A Version Control System does all the work for you and makes it easier, effecient, fast to store the code and retrieve the changes written by others and sending your changes.

  • Version Control System (VCS) Preview

  • We can write the code and send our changes to the central vcs server other developers can get the latest versions from the server

  • We will be using GIT as VCS and GITHUB as a central server (note: We will learn more about GIT architecture later)

Installing Git

git config --global 'qtpython'
git config --global ''

Creating a Repository in the GitHub

  • Navigate to GitHub Refer Here

  • Create a new repository Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Repository is a storage space for application code which can hold history of changes.

  • Now getting the code from repository into your local system (When you don’t have copy of code) is called as clone. So cloning a repository is getting the code from remote server into your system

  • We generally clone the repository only once. Preview

  • Go the the folder where you want this code Preview Preview

  • For git commands use any cheatsheet Refer Here

  • Now lets make changes and add them to the GitHub Repo Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Basic workflow Preview

  • Now execute git log Preview

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