Foundations – Classroom Notes 10/08/2021

Interesting Facts

  • In the 1770’s a Pierre Jaquet-Droz, a Swiss watchmaker, created some mechanical dolls and called them as automata. Preview
  • These dolls could read instructions and thereby considered programmable.
  • These dolls could play music and write letters
  • Charles Babbage also wanted to build a computer which is programmable and can perform analytical operations
  • Charles Babbage (1833) met Ada Lovelace, She became very impressed in Babbage’s plan and she wrote notes outlining her ideas for Babbage’s Analytical Engine on how to be programmed.
  • We can call her the inventor of programming.

What is a Program?

  • A computer is dumb, in the sense that , without programs it can not do any thing.

  • Program is set of instructions which the computer executes

  • We are here to learn how to write these programs using Python so that computer can run our applications.

  • The System Architecture Preview

  • We as programmers will write the user applications or make our application work on existing user applications Preview

  • Lets assume we are building an application for resume creation

    • Our application has to work on top of os
    • OS will create a Process in which our application runs
    • The code which we have written has to be executed by CPU and Process will be given some cpu cycles.
    • To remember the values used during the application Process will be given some memory (RAM)
    • Our application has to generate a word document for this our application will use disk through OS Kernel
  • To make it easy to write applications we have programming languages (Python, Java, C, C#, Ruby…)

    • Understand the memory aspects
    • Understand the program execution process
    • Algorithms and Psuedo Code
    • Writing programs

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