Python Django Classroom Series – 21/Aug/2021

Git Pull Requests

  • Some organizations prefer commits from developers using Pull Requests
  • Pull Requests code is reviewed and when code review is ok , the approver approves the pull request
  • Lets try to see on how to create a pull request.
  • For the source repository Refer Here
  • Lets Create a Pull Request
    • Create a fork from source repository Preview Preview
    • Now clone the forked repository
    • Now make some changes in the forked repository and push the changes to the forked repository Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Once the pull request is created, the approver might approve or ask for rework and you should respond to that.
    • Once all the pull request is merged into source repository and if you want to continue working on forked repo, then continuous fetch upstream to sync the changes made in the destination repository Refer Here

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