Python Classroom Series – 02/Sept/2021


  • Basic class diagram with chess pieces Preview
  • Sample code

class Piece:
    def __init__(self, color) -> None:
        self.color = color

    def move(self):

class Knight(Piece):
    def __init__(self, color) -> None:
        self.shape = 'horse'

    def move(self):
        print("Move in L ")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    knight1 = Knight('white')

  • Lets try to create a class Point
import math
class Point:
    Represents the two-dimensional  geometric co-ordinate
    >>> p_0 = Point()
    >>> p_1 = Point(3,5)
    def __init__(self, x: float = 0, y:float =0) -> None:
        self.x = x
        self.y = y

    def reset(self) -> None:
        This instance method resets the geometric co-ordinates back to origin
        self.x = 0
        self.y = 0

    def distance(self, other: "Point") -> float:
        Calculate the Euclidean distance between two points
        #math.hypot(self.x - other.x, self.y-other.y)
        return math.sqrt((self.x - other.x)**2 + (self.y -other.y)**2)
    def move(self, x: float, y: float) -> None:
        This method moves the point to the new location in 2D space
        self.x += x
        self.y += y

    def print_location(self) -> str:
        return f"({self.x}, {self.y})"
  • Lets use this point class
from point import Point

if __name__ == "__main__":
    p1 = Point(0,0)
    p2 = Point(10,21)
    print(f"distance between p1 and p2 is {p2.distance(p1)}")

  • Now you are asked to create a 3 dimensional point
class Point3D(Point):
    def __init__(self, x: float, y: float, z: float) -> None:
        super().__init__(x=x, y=y)
        self.z = z

    def print_location(self) -> str:
        return f"({self.x}, {self.y}, {self.z})"

    def reset(self) -> None:
        self.z = 0

    def move(self, x: float, y: float, z: float) -> None:
        super().move(x, y)
        self.z += z

    def distance(self, other: "Point3D") -> float:
        return math.sqrt((self.x - other.x)**2 + (self.y -other.y)**2 + (self.z - other.z)**2)

  • Lets see the usage
from point import Point, Point3D

if __name__ == "__main__":
    p13d = Point3D(0,0,0)

    p23d = Point3D(4,5,6)
    print(f"distance between p13d and p23d is {p23d.distance(p13d)}")

  • Technically all the python classes are sub-classes of the special built in class named object

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