Python Classroom Series – 10/Sept/2021

JSON Continued

  • Refer Here to look at the sample to read and write the data from json file


  • Similar to JSON, YAML has keys and values
name: python # text
age: 25 # number
is_scripting_supported: yes # boolean
used_in: #list
  - web applications
  - stand alone applications
  - machine learning 
  zenofpython: PEP-20
  sytle_guide: PEP-8
  • Lets try to rewrite the library program to work with yaml
  • Refer Here for the changeset containing yaml code base

Database Programming in Python

  • An application programming Interface (API) is a set of functions that you can call to get access to some service. DB-API is a python’s standard API for accessing relational databases.
  • Refer Here for the official documentation
  • Its main functions are
    • connect(): Make a connection to the database. This can include arguments such as username, password, server address and others
    • cursor(): Create a cursor object to manage queries
    • execute() and executemany(): Run one or more SQl commands against the database
    • fetchone(), fetchmany() and fetchall() Get the resuls for execute


  • This is a good, light, opensource relational database.
  • This is implemented as a standard python library and stores databases in normal files.
  • These files are portable and work across machines and operating system
  • Install DB Browser for sqlite Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the python standard library module sqlite3 which consits of necessary methods to interact with sqllite3 database

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