Data Science Classroom Series – 25/Oct/2021

Graphs and Tables that represent Categorical Variables

  • For categorical variables visualization we would use
    • Frequency distribution tables:
      • Shows the category and its corresponding absolute frequency Preview
    • Bar charts:
      • These are very common, Each bar represents the category, on the y-axis we have the absolute frequency
      • Download the Basic Car sales.xls Refer Here Preview
    • Pie Charts:
      • Pie charts are used when we want to see the share of an item as the part of total share (Market share) Preview
    • Pareto diagrams:
      • This is special kind of chart where the categories are shown in descending order of frequency and a seperate curve shows cumulative frequncy Preview


  • Dominos Pizza has shared the following data for the month of September 2021. They have sold
    • 19,923 pizza’s in Delhi
    • 17,129 pizza’s in Bangalore
    • 12,327 pizza’s in Hyderabad
    • 28,311 pizza’s in Mumbai
  • Try to create
    • Frequency distribution table Preview
    • Bar chart Preview
    • pie chart Preview
    • Pareto diagram Preview
  • Excel sheet is shared over here Refer Here

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