Data Science Classroom Series – 27/Oct/2021

Measures of Central Tendency

  • A measure of central tendency is a single value that attempts to describe a set of data by identifying the central position within set of data.

  • Central tendency are also referred as measures of central location & also as summary of statistics

  • The valid measures of central tendency are

    • mean:
      • Simple average of all the values in the distribution
      • Mean calculated over the population is represented by μ & Mean of sample is represented by
    • median:
      • The median is the middle number in an ordered dataset
      • The median is the number at position (n+1)/2
    • mode: This is value which appears often in the dataset Preview
  • Calculate Mean, Median and mode for the salary sample in hyderabad Refer Here Preview


  • This is measure of asymmetry that indicates whether the observerations in dataset are concentrated in one side
  • Refer Here for the excel sheet Preview
  • Exercise: Try to find the skewness and also plot as shown in the above image for the excel Refer Here

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