Data Science Classroom Series – 30/Oct/2021

Descriptive Statistics Practical Example

  • This dataset is derived from Database of a Real Estate company in Calfornia
  • This Dataset has following variables
    • Apartment
    • Price
    • Status
    • Entity
    • Country
  • The company wants to launch a marketing campaign, but it wants to target its audience properly
  • The ID of the Product even though it appears as numerical is categorical data
  • Age of Customer:
    • Type of Data: Numerical
    • Level of measurement: ratio
  • Age Groups:
    • (18,25),(26,35), (36,45),(46,55),(55,65), 65+
    • Categorical Data that is ordered
  • Gender:
    • Type of data: Categorical
    • Level of Measurement: Nominal
  • State:
    • Type of data: Categorical
    • Level of Measurement: Nominal
  • Exercise: Create a Frequency Distribution Based on Gender of Customers: Preview
  • Exercise: Lets Analyze sales based on state Preview
  • Exercise: Lets Analyze Sales based on Age & Age-Group Preview
  • According to the descriptive statistics done so far, we have concluded that the marketing campaign should focus on
    • states: Calfornia, Nevada & Arizona
    • Age groups: 26-65
  • Exercise:
    • Find Correlation between Age and Price.
    • Try to depict the scatter plot

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