Micro Services Classroom Series – 11/Nov/2021

Design your API First

  • Designing the API First

    • Can’t fix an API after publishing
    • Helps understanding the requirements
    • Well Designed API can mature
  • REST APIs Have Several Parts

    • Request Preview Preview
  • What are URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier)?

    • URIs are paths to Resources api.yourserver.com/users
    • Query Strings for non-data elements
      • E.g format, sorting, searching etc
  • API Design:

    • Nouns are Good, Verbs are Bad
    • Bad URI’s
    • Good URI’s
  • What are Resources? Preview Preview Preview

  • Identifiers in URI

    • Use unique Identifier
    • Does not have to be primary keys

Developer Setup

  • Pre-requisites
    • Python 3.9.x (latest version of python to be installed)
    • Pycharm Community Edition Installed.
    • pip should be installed
  • Lets create our first project
  • Lets install flask from pip in PyCharm Terminal Preview Preview Preview
  • Refer Here for the repository and try to fork the repository
  • Refer Here for the changes done to run a simple application which can respond to http request on (/)

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