Micro Services Classroom Series – 20/Nov/2021

Basic Automated Testing using PostMan

  • Postman Automated Testing is done using JavaScript.
  • Lets write a basic test for the GetAllRecipes Testcase to check for status 200 Preview Preview Preview
  • In the same way lets try to check for status for all the other test cases
  • Now lets try to run the tests Preview Preview
  • The Test Results Preview
  • Refer Here for the changes done to implement the status code tests.

Manipulating a Database with SQLAlchemy

  • Till now we were only storing our data in application memory

  • We need to persist our data into database

  • Lets try to use PostgreSQL, We wil be install Postgres database on our local machine.

  • We will be using pgAdmin to interact with Postgres.

  • ORM (Object Relational Mapping) package SQLAlchemy using which we would interact with the database using python objects instead of SQL queries.

  • ORM is a programming technique that allows developers to map objects in programming language to the data model in a database.

  • The mapping works along the following lines

    • Class in Python => The table schema in the database
    • Attributes in the Class => fields in the table schema
    • Objects => rows of data in the table.
  • SQLAlchemy is the most popular ORM in python community

  • Installation:

  • Follow the installation steps and connect to the local database as shown in the class or follow recording.

  • Lets Create a role in PostgreSQL. A role is concept that Postgres uses to manage access

    • Instructions Preview
    • Follow as done in the Class
  • Lets Create a New database instacook and select the role which we have created as owner Preview

  • As the Database is created, Now we need to create our models

    • Recipe Model:
      • id: The identity of recipe
      • name: The name of the recipe. Max Length = 100 chars, This cannot be null
      • description: The description of recipe, Max Length = 256 chars
      • num_of_servings: The number of servings, This needs to be integer
      • cook_time: The cooking time in minutes. This field only accept an integer
      • directions: The directions of the recipe. This can have max length of 1000 characters
      • is_publish: This is to indicate whether the recipe is published or not, set to False by default
      • created_at: The creation time of the recipe
      • updated_at: The last update time of the recipe
  • We need to install the following python packages

    • Flask-SQLAlchemy: This is very popular ORM package that allows us to access objects rather than tables for data. With ORM, we need not rely on SQL
    • Flask-Migrate: This is a package for database migrations, it works on top of Almebic
    • Psycopg2-binary: This is the adapter for the Postgres database
  • Refer Here for the requirements.txt updated

  • Now to create connection with database we need to create database uri Refer Here

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