Data Science Classroom Series – 20/Nov/2021


  • Activity: Surf excel releases a new detergent called as Surf Excel Plus, which they advertise to be able to clean more clothes with a single bottle. You want to see if that is true & and for that you have bought 25 bottles of Surf Excel and Surf Excel Plus and collected the data on how many clothes you can wash with single bottle. Population variance is known
  • Tasks:
    • Find the Standard Deviation of the two samples
    • State the Null Hypothesis
    • Determine the Z Score
    • Find the p-value
    • Interpret the result
    • Refer Here for the dataset
    • Null Hypothesis: H0 = μ(SE+) - μ(SE) <=0
    • Alternavite Hypothesis: H1 = μ(SE+) > μ(SE) => μ(SE+) - μ(SE) > 0 Preview

Practical Example

  • We have an Organization called as Spark Learning Thoughts Solutions, we have 5000 employees out of which we have taken a random sample of 174 employees
  • Refer Here for the dataset
  • Lets find out whether this orgnization does gender discrimination. Organization claims it doesn’t does the gender discriminate
    • Null Hypothesis H0: μ(m) – μ(f) = 0
    • Alternative Hypothesis H1: μ(m) – μ(f) != 0
    • We have multiple population data with unknown population but assumed to be true
    • Interpret the results by calculating the T-score and p-value Preview
  • Exercise: Now try to find if there is gender discrimination based on age factor use the Test-2 Sheet.

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