Micro Services Classroom Series – 27/Nov/2021

Soft Delete

  • Soft delete is a widely used pattern in business application
  • In Which case we need soft delete
    • History tracking and audit
    • Keeping referential integrity
    • You need "Graceful delete"
  • How to implement?
    • Add a column called as Is_Deleted which represents a boolean value
    • When you are querying for records select only the record where is_deleted = False
    • In some case if you need to record when the record was deleted you can add an extra columen Delete_Date
  • Now lets try to implement this for our recipe Model Refer Here
  • Now execute
flask db migrate -m "Added soft delete" # to create a migration revision
flask db upgrade


  • Now submit/commit the changes to version control system Refer Here for the changes done
  • The column is added to the database
  • The problem with the current migration is our is_default is having null value for all the old records which is not acceptable, so lets try to fix that
  • Refer Here for the changes

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