Micro Services Classroom Series – 30/Nov/2021

Fix to Database Problem

  • We were unable to insert user data
  • Refer Here for the solution
  • Now lets start the application & hit the application with the postman request Preview Preview
  • Added postman tests for basic validation Refer Here for the changeset
  • Exercise: Add tests to it

HTTP Authorization Strategies

  • Authorization Strategies using tokens
    • Session tokens:
      • on your servers generally in memory a session log will be maintained and when you login a session id will be returned back. Preview
      • This approach works very well for monolith kind of applications
      • When the monolith application is scaled (to process demand from users), we might run our web application in multiple servers (Horizontal Scaling). In this case the session storage is local to the system. Preview
      • One workaround to solve this problem is to have a Shared Cache like Redis. What would happen if Redis fails as this is single point of failure (SPOF) Preview
      • Second approach is sticky sessions where load balancers will forward requests from the same client (Client ip + protocol + browser) to same server
    • JWT (JSON Web Token)
      • To understand JWT lets think of this case
      • Consider customer care in the case of no software/phone/emails where you need to walk into Customer Preview
      • The customer care representative will give the customer a signed (hallmark/manual signature) complaint form and ask the user to bring this complaint form every time they come from now on

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