Micro Services Classroom Series – 03/Dec/2021

Design the Recipe Model and Changes in the Recipe Schema

  • Recipe Model changes:

    • Removed the recipe list and get last id functionality
    • Added user id as part of data to be returned
    • Refer Here for the changes done
  • Recipe Resource changes:

    • Added authorization by checking the jwt header
    • Refer Here for the changes done
  • Added access control and fixed the publish and unpublish decorator missing issue and implemented post man tests. Refer Here

  • Exercise: Expand on the current post man tests where you check for recipe management for valid authenticated, invalid authenticated user and un authenticated user

  • Refresh tokens:

    • For the sake of security, we often set an expiration time for our tokens (flask-jwt-extended defaults that to 15 minutes)
    • The configuration options for the Flask JWT Refer Here
    • Lets continue this discussion on refresh tokens in the next session

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