Micro Services Classroom Series – 08/Dec/2021

Email Confirmations

  • Lets try to see how to use email package to develop an email activation feature on the insta cook platform for user registration as well as email verification
  • We already have code/api designed in a way where email addresses are being sent by users.
  • We need to ensure the correctness of email address as we would communicate to the user in the future
  • User Registration workflow Preview
  • Lab Setup:
    • Mailgun API Refer Here:
      • This is third party SMTP and API sending email provider.
      • Through mailgun, as part of free plan we can send 5000 email per month
      • This is enough for learning purposes
      • Mailgun provides an RESTful API, which will be used to send the emails
      • Sign up for the mailgun Refer Here
      • After your account is activated, Navigate to sending and select the sandbox Preview
      • Make a note of base url and API Key
  • Lets use mailgun API to send out emails Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the implementation of email sending functionality

User Account Activation workflow

  • The steps:
    • User registers for our application
    • send out verification email
    • user clicks on the link in the activation email
    • Account Activated
  • To build this workflow, we will be using is_active attribute in the user model to indicate if the account is validated or not
  • We need to create a method to send verification email when the user registers and the endpoint can be used to open the account.
  • In order to create a unique link, we will be using itsdangerous package
  • Refer Here for the implementation of generation and verification of token
  • Refer Here for the documetation of itsdangerous package

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