Micro Services Classroom Series – 11/Dec/2021

Recipe Searching

  • A better way for the user to look for recipes is by searching.
  • We will implement the search function by building a recipe searching API that allows client to provide a q parameter to search the specific recipes by name or recipe description.
  • This can be done by using the LIKE comparision operator
  • The LIKE operator works by matching the search string with the target string.
  • We can use % in the search string as wild card
search string Target String Operator Result
%curry% The Red Curry LIKE not match
%curry% The Red Curry ILIKE match
red% The Red Curry ILIKE not match
%yellow% The Red Curry ILIKE not match
  • To implement this functionality make changes in models/recipe.py => Recipe Model get all published to accept query
  • Now in the RecipeListResource of the resources package make the changes to accomodate query and implement necessary changes in postman
  • Refer Here for the changes done

Sorting and Ordering

  • Sorting is another important feature which helps user navigation.

  • Note: Try to use any cheatsheet to make your development process faster Refer Here

  • As of now we are always sorting by created date in descending order

  • Now lets implement sorting and ordering. In RecipeList -> get we will be adding sort and order. In the sort we will specify the field and in the order we will specify asc or desc

  • Refer Here for the changes done to implement sorting and ordering

  • Next Steps:

    • Caching
    • API Limiting

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