Microservices Classroomnotes 15/Feb/2022

Microservices Projects Created So far

  1. Identity Services Refer Here
  2. Basket API Refer Here
  3. Catalog Refer Here

Working on Catalog Service

  • Run this project locally on your system & Create PostMan Tests.
  • Write the first tests to work with CatalogType
    • Create
    • Get All Types
    • Get a Specific Type
    • Delete the Catalog Type
  • Exercise:
  • Create a html page with bootstrap css to create a form for
    • Creating a Catalog Type
    • Getting all catalog types
    • Get a Specific Catalog Type
    • Delete the Catalog Type.
  • Next Steps:
  • Rather than creating a postman test lets try to create unit testing tests in our project using pytest.

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