Microservices Classroomnotes 18/Feb/2022

Unit Testing vs Integration Testing

  • Unit Testing:
  • This a type of software testing where small unit of code is tested.
  • The small unit of code is generally an individual function or class or module.
  • Unit Tests are performed by Developers
  • Integration Testing:
  • This is the process of testing the interface between two software units or components.
  • This is focused on determining the correctness of the Interface.
  • In our microservices, the integration with individual service is using REST API
  • Lets make changes to copy the test db for every test invocation.
  • Create a constants file with database names
  • make changes in the app.py the include the database path while creating flask application
  • Add the copy empty database to temp location in fixture and add the new db location while create test_client for flask app.
  • Refer Here for the changes done
  • Refer Here for the changes made to check the specific items
  • Exercise: Now create a test for the catalog brand where you perform all the steps as done it test_catalogbrand, ensure you create reusable code.

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