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Need For Learning API Testing As a developer

  • As full stack python developer,

    • we need to create APIs with
    • Flask
    • Django-restful
    • We need to consume APIs while building UI Applications using
      • React/Angular/Vue
    • To Automate API testing, we need to know how to test APIs
  • Most of the APIs return the data in the JSON Format.


Data Exchange Format

  • HTTP supports multiple data formats, the need in the world of api’s is some format which is human readable, simple and occupying minimum size
  • JSON is the best fit for this. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.

  • The data can be split into following categories

    • Simple:
      • numbers
      • text
      • boolean
    • Complex:
      • list/array => Plural
      • object/dictionary
  • JSON format is representing the data as name/value pairs
<name>: <value>
  • Some examples are
"name": "khaja"
"place": "hyderabad"
"count": 5
"online": true

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