PythonPlacement Classroomnotes 21/Mar/2022

Write a Program in Python for the following scenario

  • Problem 1: We have 4 digit numbers on number plates, i want the sum in following way
4299 => 4+2+9+9 => 24 => 2+4 => 6
0414 => 9
  • Donot use lists, str to represent a number.
def sum(registration_number):
    This method is used to return the sum of registration numbers
    total = 0
    while registration_number > 0:
        total = total + registration_number%10
        registration_number = registration_number//10
    if total <= 9:
        return total
        return sum(total)

  • When we want to solve problems using programming languages, we need to think in terms of

    • datatype
    • operators
    • sequence of steps
      • conditional statements
      • looping constructors
  • Problem 2: write a function in python which will calculate the EMI based on principal and interest rate Refer Here

def calculate_monthly_installment(
    This method should calculate monthly installment

      prinicpal: Amount of the product purchased
      rate_of_intrest: rate of interest
      duration: duration in months
      processing_fee_percent: processing fee percent default is zero

       monthly installment

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