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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

  • Its just a way for two pieces of codes to interface with each other
  • However, as the internet grew, the term API narrowed in focus. Almost always now, when some one is talking about an API, they are referring to web API.
  • An Web API takes the concep of an interface between two things (code) and applies it to the client/server relationship that the internet is built on
  • In a Web API client is on one side of the interface and sends request, while server (or servers) is on the other side of the interaces responding to requests
  • In Early 2000 SOAP protocol was developed. SOAP (simple object access protocol) which used to define wsdl (Web service definition language).
  • Some of the ecommerce websites such as eBay, Amazon started to publish APIs that were more public and flexible. Many of these APIs were built using the REST protocol (Representational state transfer)
  • The internet continued to change, mobile applications etc grew in popularity so did the importance of APIs.
  • Some of the companies faced challenges with the amount of data they want to transfer on mobile devices, so Facebook create GraphQL.
  • This query language helps to reduce the amount of data that gets transferred while introducing more rigid structure to API.
  • Evolution of API from mere code interface to web interfaces

Different Types of API

  • GraphQL APIs


  • This is an API platform built for using APIs and testing APIs.
  • Download postman Refer Here

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