MicroFrontends Classroomnotes 30/Mar/2022

Types of API testing

  • Integration or Workflow style API Tests:
    • Overview:
    • This kind of testing would typically involve calling multiple endpoints
    • Example:
    • Get object such as shopping cart
    • Create an order using (POST) request
  • The other tests which we would be discussing over the course of next few days are
    • Endpoint testing
    • Security Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Contract Testing.

Activity1: First Testcase

  • Lets search for the Book called as Rich dad and poor dad and get the isbn code from it. Refer Here for the api
  • Then call the books api with isbn code to verify if the title is Rich dad or not and get the author information. Refer Here for the books api
  • Create a folder ‘Activity 1’ in the collection Learning API Testing and add the requests here
  • Add the two tests as shown in the class and double click the Activity1 and Click on Run
  • Note: Postman Tests can be exported into json
  • Refer Here for the changeset
  • Possible Improvements for effective testing:
    • If we can have some information about request body and response body and secription about fields testing would be easier
    • Rather than manually executing the tests it would be better if we automated.
    • Making the tests to accept parameters in post man would be helpful.

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