PythonPlacement Classroomnotes 24/Apr/2022

Tips for learning programming languages

  • Never start at datatypes without understanding what a data type is?
  • Importance of OS and Process

  • Compilers or Interpreters

  • Understanding how to write programs => Its like speaking with kid (Apoorva)

  • The Best way to learn is to start speaking with apoorva and getting the things done

Simple Problems

  • Area of circle:
Remember 3.14 as pi 
Remember 10 as r
calculate pi*r*r and say the value
  • Simple intrest
Remember 10000000 as principal
Remember 10 as time_in_years
Remember 24 as rate_of_intrest
calculate principal * time_in_years * rate_of_intrest/100
  • check if the number is even or odd
1. Remember 9 as number
2. calculate number%2 and remember as remainder
3. check if remainder is zero and say even otherise say odd

  • A Kid has written exam and he has four subjects (maths, science, moral science, social) and calculate cgpa
1. Remember 100 as maths
2. Remember 90 as science
3. Remember 80 as social
4. Remember 70 as moralScience
5. calculate maths+science+social+moralScience as total
6. calculate total/4 as percentage
7. check if percentage is less than 100 and greater than 90 and say A+
8. check if percentage is less than 90 and greater than 70 and say A
9. check if percentage is less than 70 and greater than 50 and say B+
10. check if percentage is less than 50 and greater than 40 and say B
11. check if percent is less than 40 and say F
12. otherwise say check your marks again.

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