Tips for learning programming languages Never start at datatypes without understanding what a data type is? Importance of OS and Process Compilers or Interpreters Understanding how to write programs => Its like speaking with kid (Apoorva) The Best way to learn is to start speaking with apoorva and getting the things done Simple Problems Area […]

To Perform Machine Learning Having knowledge of Statistics Distributions Classifications Regressions Understanding the RAW DATA Knowledge of existing python libraries & when to use what Data cleaning Adding new features Making data good/suitable for the machine learning algorithms Choosing the right algorithm Maintaining the model Calling the Model from existing Application Additional Skills Image Processing […]

Scripting for API Testing in Postman Consider the following response { "name": "Luke Skywalker", "height": "172", "mass": "77", "hair_color": "blond", "skin_color": "fair", "eye_color": "blue", "birth_year": "19BBY", "gender": "male", "homeworld": "", "films": [ "", "", "", "" ], "species": [], "vehicles": [ "", "" ], "starships": [ "", "" ], "created": "2014-12-09T13:50:51.644000Z", "edited": "2014-12-20T21:17:56.891000Z", "url": "" […]

Binomial Distribution A random variable is a charecteristic, measurement or count that changes randomly according to some set of possibilities. A list of all possible values of random variable, along with their probabilities is called a probability distribution. One of the most well-known probability distribution is binomial which means two names/outcomes (success/failure) Refer Here Normal […]

Checking API Responses Using the pm.test method The pm object is the JavaScript object that the Postman provides that gives us access to data from requests and responses. It also lets us to access and manipulate the variables and cookes. The test method is an asynchrnous method that we can use to set up each […]

Designing Open API Specifications Using Spotlight studio Refer Here Generate the spec easily and create the open api preview Refer Here for the open api spec created. Importing OpenAPI Spec in Postman Exercise: Import a Open API Spec to Create a Post Man Collection Refer the openapi older standard for petstore Refer Here Import this […]

Data & Sampling Distributions Population Sample A sample is a subest of data from a larger data set which is called the population. Random Sampling is a process in which each available member of the populate being sampled has an equal chance of being chosen for the sample at each draw. The sample that results […]

Exploring Binary and Categorical Data Key terms Expected Value: A marketer for new cloud technology offers two levels of service one priced at $300/month other is prices ad $50/month The marketer offers free webinars to generate leads and the firm figures that 5% of attends will sign up for $300 service and 15% will sign […]

Organizing Tests To handle Multiple Environments for testing the APIs where we might have different urls where the api is hosted, we need to parametrize the base url Lets Create an Environment in Postman Now Navigate to the request select the environment and replace the hardcoded path with an environment variable created Collection Variables: We […]