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Estimates of Variability Location is just one dimension in summarizing a feature, A second dimension variability, also referred to as dispersion, measures whether the data values are tightly clustered or spread out. At the heart of statistics: measuring it reducing it distinguishing random from real variability identifying various sources of real variability making decisions int […]

Types of API testing Integration or Workflow style API Tests: Overview: This kind of testing would typically involve calling multiple endpoints Example: Get object such as shopping cart Create an order using (POST) request The other tests which we would be discussing over the course of next few days are Endpoint testing Security Testing Performance […]

Elements of Structured Data Most common forms of structured data is a table with rows and columns. There are two basic types of structured data Numerical: Comes in two forms Continuous Discrete Categorical: Takes only a fixed set of values: Examples: Types of TV Screens (plasma, LED, LCD etc) State Names (Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil […]

HTTP Status Codes In this section lets describe how and when to use the subset of codes that apply to REST API design Rule: 200 (“OK”) should include a response body Rule: 200 (“OK”) must not be used to communicate errors in response body Rule: 201 (“Created”) must be used to indicated successful resource creation […]

Visualizations Contd Refer Here for the jupyter notebook, where we have explored matplotlib and seaborn visualizations An Overview of Statistics Statistics is all about working with data, be it processing, analyzing or drawing a conclusion from the data we have. Statistics has two main goals describing the data drawing conclusions from it. These two goals […]

REST (Representational state Transfer) The acronym REST comes from single chapter of PHP dissertation published in 2000 by Roy Fielding. Refer Here Fielding identified the following list of important properties he thought every web based system should do Performance: Offer high performance through design Network Performance User-perceived Performance Network effeciency Scalability Simplicity Modifiablility Visibility Portability […]

Pandas Data Frames Continued We will go through the complicated but also powerfile options for us to manipulate our DataFrame object. The first is apply() method In general sense, this method is used to apply a function to all elements within a DataFrame object. Student Data set Read the csv file Refer Here Create a […]

Understanding HTTP REST APIs embraces all aspects of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) The Request sent by the client can be summarized as Request = <Method> <Request-URI> <HTTP-Version> Example: GET /todos/1 HTTP/2 The Response from the Server can be summarized as Response = <HTTP-Version> <Status Code> <Reason-Phrase> Example: HTTP/2 200 HTTP Methods We will be […]

Working with Tabular Data in pandas If Numpy is used on matrix data, pandas is designed to work with data in for of tables. Lets install pandas conda install pandas Refer Here Refer Here for the user guide The most commonly used data structure in pandas is DataFrame DataFrame represents the table data: two dimensional […]

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Its just a way for two pieces of codes to interface with each other However, as the internet grew, the term API narrowed in focus. Almost always now, when some one is talking about an API, they are referring to web API. An Web API takes the concep of an interface […]