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Pandas Data Frames Continued We will go through the complicated but also powerfile options for us to manipulate our DataFrame object. The first is apply() method In general sense, this method is used to apply a function to all elements within a DataFrame object. Student Data set Read the csv file Refer Here Create a […]

Understanding HTTP REST APIs embraces all aspects of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) The Request sent by the client can be summarized as Request = <Method> <Request-URI> <HTTP-Version> Example: GET /todos/1 HTTP/2 The Response from the Server can be summarized as Response = <HTTP-Version> <Status Code> <Reason-Phrase> Example: HTTP/2 200 HTTP Methods We will be […]

Working with Tabular Data in pandas If Numpy is used on matrix data, pandas is designed to work with data in for of tables. Lets install pandas conda install pandas Refer Here Refer Here for the user guide The most commonly used data structure in pandas is DataFrame DataFrame represents the table data: two dimensional […]

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Its just a way for two pieces of codes to interface with each other However, as the internet grew, the term API narrowed in focus. Almost always now, when some one is talking about an API, they are referring to web API. An Web API takes the concep of an interface […]

Lets Learn about Jupyter Notebook Use the jupyternotebook created in class Refer Here Profiling tools to be installed: Launch your anaconda commandline and execute the following conda install line_profiler conda install memory_profiler

JSON Contd arrays in json "colors": ["red", "green", "blue"] objects/dictionary: This generally is muliple name value pairs { "name": "shishir", "mobile": "99999999999", "courses": ["python", "micro-frontend" ] } Lets represent movies in a Mall { "name": "AMB Cinemas", "location": "Gachibowli", "date": "23/03/2022", "movies": ["Bheemla Nayak", "Radhe Shyam", "Kashmiri Files"], "screens": { "screen1": { "11:30": { "Movie": […]

Numpy (contd..) Refer Here for quick review. We use Numpy arrays over lists because they are faster and consume less resources compared to pure python lists. Vectorization In the broadest sense the term Vectorization in computer science denotes the process of applying mathematical operation to an array (in general sense) element by element. Vectorization is […]

Write a Program in Python for the following scenario Problem 1: We have 4 digit numbers on number plates, i want the sum in following way 4299 => 4+2+9+9 => 24 => 2+4 => 6 0414 => 9 Donot use lists, str to represent a number. def sum(registration_number): """ This method is used to return […]

Need For Learning API Testing As a developer As full stack python developer, we need to create APIs with Flask Django-restful We need to consume APIs while building UI Applications using React/Angular/Vue To Automate API testing, we need to know how to test APIs Most of the APIs return the data in the JSON Format. […]